Why brown sugar bakery?

To be honest, I was homesick. About eight months after graduating from university, I  landed my dream job working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The only downside was the 550 miles between nation’s capital and my family in Michigan. Although my colleagues were kind and friendly and I had a handful of friends in the city that I met the previous summer during my internship, I still felt lonely and craved familiarity.

So I started doing what I loved, and, most importantly, what reminded me of home. I signed up for Hip Hop classes at the nearest dance studio, enrolled in an adult beginners art class, and baked. Practically every Sunday and Thursday, I would be in my tiny kitchen trying a new recipe or perfecting an old one. Sweet cream, cinnamon sugar, or citrusy smells would waft from the kitchen throughout the apartment.

Limited space in my living quarters meant that I could not continue baking and hold onto my treats for long. To clear room for new creations, I began taking desserts into the office, which my colleagues loved. I knew that baking was a calling when my coworkers consistently devoured my cheesecake or cinnamon rolls in less than 20 minutes after the emailed announcement.

Over the three years that I’ve lived and baked in DC, I have made mouthwatering scones, sweet cinnamon rolls, and tart pies. I also made a few mistakes along the way that ended up in the trash bin. With this blog, I want to share with you tips on what to do and not to do to take your desserts to the next level.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Let’s bake!



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